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What is a Good Morning, Good Night, or a Great Beautiful Night, according to a definition of this style by Richard Lazarus? According to Richard Lazarus, “a good morning is nothing more than a summary of the preceding day–a summary that fixes or clarifies only the immediate impressions it had on the mind.” And, he continues, “a good night is… nothing more than a summary of the preceding day… a summary that fixes or clarifies only the more remote impressions it had on the soul.” In other words, a good morning, a good evening, and a great beautiful night are all summaries.

Now then, let’s suppose there was such a thing as a Good Morning, a Great Beautiful Night, or a Facebook Poke. That would be one sort of Good Morning, a Great Beautiful Night, and a Facebook Poke. But it doesn’t exist, because a good morning or a great evening is not something you can have over, like a Facebook Poke. Nor is it something you can have only once in your lifetime, like a Facebook URL, but if you want it, you can have it. Nor is it something you can have through anything other than desire, like an addiction to sports, or perhaps an affection for clowns, or perhaps some obscure but powerful force.

So then, if we are going to talk about all these great literary works, which are arguably still very much alive, even if they are pale in comparison to what they once were, what about the most famous one of them all, the Bill Medley poem? Did it ever really exist? And if it did, what about the political establishment’s attempt to silence its most famous son by lynching him in effulgence? Did it happen?

Well, actually, it didn’t. It didn’t happen at all; but it was politically convenient. The problem with the Olympics and everything else is that there’s always a huge amount of spin, distortion, and outright fabrication going on about anything and everything, especially on the global scale. The same thing is true for the Bill Medley poem; but you know that already.

But let’s back up for a minute; if it happened, who did it? Well, the simple truth is that the person who did it was an inflammatory writer; someone with an axe to grind, and whose primary intent was to malign the Olympic committee, which he did by going around warning people that if they vote for the US to host the next Olympic Games, all US taxpayers will be forced to give funding to the Olympic organizers; which is a horrible hoax, considering the fact that the games are supposed to go to those countries which aren’t even parties to the political agreements currently in place. And in any case, if it happened, it was completely disproportionate to the actual scope of the problem. Which means that, whatever happened, the entire thrust of Medley’s political views were totally misguiding.

Now then, does this mean that all definitions of political debate and discussion are automatically invalid? Of course not! As a matter of fact, some very smart people have indeed used politically incorrect statements in their argument to show how wrong their arguments are; but nonetheless, their point has still been made, and their arguments have remained valid. Indeed, I would submit to you that the same could be said for definitions of nearly all other subjects, including music, movies, books, etc., and indeed, I’d go so far as to say that virtually all human endeavor is ultimately reducible to either definitions or politics.

However, when it comes to definitions of political debate, you see, often what is said is correct (even if it’s a bit erroneous); but then, the same person will also claim that there is a flaw in the definition; and then, they’ll redefine the meaning of political speech whenever necessary. This is all we have ever done, and it’s unfortunate that such petty human petty things are allowed to fester and spread. It’s unfortunate that the typical definitions that we apply to such subjects are nothing more than a sleazy and underdeveloped concept; because such definitions do nothing more than provide a lazy and unoriginal approach to political dialogue. Indeed, I’ve written many articles on this subject matter; one such article can be found at the link below.

Please consider all this and think on it. In light of all this, I believe you should join me in searching for a better definition of political debate. After all, the only way to stop political debate from degenerating into such a nonsensical and disgusting trend that it’s beginning to become commonplace in our society is to finally develop a better understanding of what such debate is all about. Until then, we must remain patient and follow the path of logic and reason. Consider all this in 2021.

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