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The Uptown Theater is a historic theater located at the corner of East Grand Street and Broadway. The venue is named after the original owner, Frank Lloyd Wright, who made his first investment there in 1931. Today the Uptown Theater proudly presents the best shows in town. It has also become known for being a jazz and blues haven, and a source for great food.

The Uptown Theater and the Arts Center has been running continuously since the early years of its existence. There have been many years when the venue was the focal point of the Kansas City nightlife, and it hosted some of the finest entertainers in the area. Unfortunately, this success has also brought its share of negative publicity. The current owners want to preserve the legacy that the legendary landmark has built.

With regard to entertainment, the Uptown Theater features a ballet house, a stage house, a heavy furniture club, a video dance floor, a concession stand, and a five-concert series. These are complemented by live entertainment such as drummers, horns, and lighting designers. There are movie palaces in the basement that host popular films and musicals on a regular basis. In addition, there is also a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

The Uptown Theater has grown since its inception. It has undergone several major expansions since its inception. In addition, the building is home to many live performances and corporate parties. In fact, in the last few years, the uptown theater has hosted numerous musical acts as well as film festivals. Its tenants have included some of the most renowned celebrities in the area. For example, in the late nineteen eighties, the building was the home of the Fats Domino Band, and they have continued to play there ever since.

Many of the residents of uptown theater live in the apartments that comprise the facility. About half of the residents are musicians, since the house band there is known as The Bluegrass Underground. This ensemble is led by the dynamic vocalist, georgie woods. This is followed by guitarists, keyboards, and a backing band that consist of other vocalists and musicians.

The house band performs throughout the year at various uptown theaters. They are well known for their energetic music and jazz vocalists. In addition, this ensemble is known for playing classic music from movies like Star Wars. Recently, this band was even featured on an episode of “American Idol,” which made the group even more popular. Since then, people have consistently asked for the full version of the performance to be shown in their homes.

If you are looking for a unique experience that guarantees an evening of laughter and entertainment, do not miss the performances of the uptown theatre. The “Bluegrass Underground” house band is sure to please the oldest to the youngest. This is only one of the many stage shows that are available for you to enjoy when you visit the area.

What can you do in the uptown area aside from enjoying the shows? You can always take a tour of the city. There are many events happening around the uptown area that will keep you busy during your spare time. The best part about being in the area is that it is within walking distance of all of the movie palaces. So, if you are interested in seeing a movie, you will have no problem finding a venue to watch it at. To learn more about the uptown theatre and other entertainment options, check out their website.

The entertainment business in uptown has been booming over the years. It is not uncommon to hear the sounds of live music while shopping or dining in any of the dining establishments in the area. During the evening, you can also enjoy fine cuisine from one of the many restaurants in the area. Do not let the bustling nightlife fool you. The movies at the theatres of uptown rarely disappoint. Be sure to come early to avoid missing the show of a lifetime.

If you are a foodie, you will be glad to know that there are many dining places in the area. Some of the most popular ones include Caprice Italiano on 8th Street, Bob Evans on Court Street, and Berrics on Broadway. There are also a few hotels in the uptown area that offer great food. The Hilton uptown is one of those hotels that boast of a great restaurant. If you are looking for greasy chicken, burgers, or ribs, you are sure to find it at this hotel. The La Quinta hotel on the other hand offers a more laid back atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cocktail and watching a movie.

In addition to great restaurants, theaters, and hotels, uptown Manhattan has a great night life. Many clubs and bars are open late night, and you can catch a performance at the city’s hottest clubs during your stay. The best time to visit the area is during the weekend, when most theaters are offering special shows or screenings for their first week of the year. You will definitely have a great time at the P.M. club as well.

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