Theater with the Ocean lagoons in addition to luxurious

Theater of the Sea is not your average swimming pool. It is not even a swimming pool. It is an actual, authentic sea life resort. Located on Windley Key in the Florida Keys, it is such a popular tourist attraction that many people mistakenly believe it is a real sea bottom pool. It is not.

Theater of the Sea offers visitors whale watching, snorkeling, diving, and a full-on outdoor, lagoon-side beach experience. The experience starts by taking an elevator to the top of the “island.” You will then see the ropes and lights of a pirate themed casino. A second rope will take you into the sea life pool where you will see an ocean-going fish, sea lion, and an injured pelican. The three attractions give you a taste of what the theater has to offer and you will leave feeling like you’ve been to three magical theaters.

After an exhilarating ride up the “island,” the crowd goes back in a glass elevator to the ground floor. A short glass tube slide awaits for you at the end of this wonderful ride. This is where the magic happens as a long line of real live sea lions swim by, a sting ray zips by, and a manatee makes his way by. Afterward, the water gets a little bumpy and the audience goes to feel the sand against their feet. A few more bumps and the crowd goes for another thrilling ride through the waters. Then the ride ends with a spectacular fireworks display over the waters.

Along with the Dolphin Plunge, participants in the Disney World Sea Lion Splash Show can enjoy a stroll down the Riverflow Gulf Walkway where they can meet fellow guests. During the evening, there is live music performed by the band from Hollywood. All ages are welcome and there are special accommodations available for families with small children. There are also babysitting services available on select nights during the show.

For those who love the sound of nature, the Polynesian-themed “Jungle Cruise” at the Aruba Theater of the Sea is the perfect destination. This cruise trip starts off with a delicious buffet lunch and then the fun begins. A variety of live shows take place on selected nights, with a lion drum group, lion dance team, and elephant dancers for some of the shows. The Aruba Theater of the Sea even allows people who are blind to watch some of the shows. This is truly an exotic experience that allows travelers to forget their worries and stresses for a few days.

For those who prefer to be left alone while they relax, a cruise vacation is the perfect option. On these cruises, you will be able to visit several ports along the Caribbean and see the sights and sounds without having to interact with anyone. Each port will allow visitors to go through a guided tour of the area, including interaction with the local people. In most cases, you will also be able to take a short self-guided tour through the sea lion reserve.

The marine life of Aruba itself has fascinated sailors and scientists for decades. A famous captain had his ship broken into while he was on leave and found the largest fish ever caught there. This particular fish was over 100 pounds and was so big it took all of the captain’s men to get the thing out of the water. Scientists have since been able to capture the fish and take measurements of its size and weight. One of the highlights of a trip to the Aruba Sea Lion Park and Wildlife Reserve is the opportunity to go on a boat ride through the lagoon where you can view rare animal life up close.

The most popular attraction on the island of Aruba is the Dolphin Search and Research Center. Swimming with the friendly dolphins and learning about their habits will be one of your favorite experiences of your vacation. A trip on a Dolphin Search boat ride allows you to go deep-sea fishing, swim with the dolphins or even go snorkeling with them. Dolphin Search even has an open-water diving center where you can watch trainers give the animal’s proper food and equipment to help them survive.

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